Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target Part I: The Quickening

The mother ship was calling me back to the fold. I could feel it when I awoke yesterday morning, much like the vamp victim can feel the mental link with her master. "You may shop, you may not shop, but you must come for the viewing." I believe those were its exact words.

What the hell, I thought, I need some toilet paper and a new comforter anyhow.

I was early yet for the true season - I knew that. There wouldn't be endcaps of orange and black at every turn, but I thought I'd just look and see.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to see the spread of themed food and sodas. Stuff that we never had when I was a kid. Case in point:

Yeah genius right? Slice those squashy foodstuffs with some kind of die cut and they become spectral in a way you know you knew on some unconscious level. 
Now here's an oldie but I still think it's the best looking soda can ever. Period. End of discussion!

Food packagers get so excited even non-sweets get into the act with questionable results. I mean, why a vaguely addressed superhero concept, Goldfish? Why not a ghost or bat? (Scary first, is my motto.) I automatically can picture the mid-level marketing meeting, where the creatives were instructed to steer away from "intense themes" that would upset the toddler target. Oy. Fail.
In all, I was pleased. There was already a crap-load of stuff, but LOTS of empty shelves set aside awaiting their fates. And I got h'ween paper towels - yes!

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