Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween around the corner (literally)

It is always Halloween in my mind. And of course I try to get a jump on the season as early as I can. But it's nothing compared to what those show folk get up to.

Friday night, the man and I were walking down Polk St. headed straight for a grown-up cocktail at Cresta's when we happened upon a film set for Trauma, a new ER-like show set in SF.

Now normally I like to think I'm pretty cazh about these things. Us Norcal gals like to distinguish ourselves from the south, pretending to give a crap about celebrities and their workplaces. But it did not go as planned.

Because it was a Halloween episode and I halfway lost my shiz. My friends know that I'm a total sucker for these - no matter how putrid the show. I've even watched the one for A Girl, A Guy and A Pizza Place. In fact, that was when I realized I needed help. Dark days.

But I digress.

Although I'm not a fan of hospital dramas, this was pretty cool free entertainment. I did the girly squeal noise a few times, I have to admit. A bunch of costumed extras - throw in a tranny or 20 - were carousing around the Crunch gym/movie palace. (Which I thought was curious until someone said they thought it was supposed to be the Castro, which still didn't make sense - why not just film there?) Fire trucks and ambulances sat docilely on the sidelines giving no indication as to what sort of "trauma" was in the offing. Will I tune in when it airs? As Tivo is my witness.

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