Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy September!

I don't care for fruitcake. Or turkey. Or green beer. Let's face it, other holidays just can't hold a bleeding skull candle to Halloween.

To make a good thing better, I try to make it last two whole months. Beginning September 1st (or 2nd, if I'm lazy :), I'm all about seeking out as many moldering moments as possible. The fact that it dovetails nicely with my Sept 13 birthday is a happy accident.

I literally squeal when I have my first Halloween stuff sighting. This year, it was in Safeway in mid-August. And it was just a bunch of crappy Holly Hobby-style scarecrows. But you work with what you've got.

And I never get over the surprise of unexpected sightings. How the spooky seeps into the most mundane of places. Like this ghost I saw haunting the produce section of a market in Bolinas. That's when you know the most wonderful time of the year is here.

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