Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday-H'ween cupcakes

My reputation seems to precede me. At least among those who know me best.

This morning, on the day of my birth, my man woke me up with lighted cupcakes and what the frogs call a cafe au lait.

The cupcakes were especially apt - one choc-orange in honor of my favorite holiday and a white-on-white in honor of...the fact that I am the whitest person ever, I'm assuming?

So there on my "happy camper" plate lies the central dichotomy of my life - the blond, scandinavian chick who likes dark stuff. Kind of perfect. Plus, my birthday card had bats on it.

And tonight? A quiet evening that follows a weekend of high activity - artichokes, J champagne, the season finale of True Blood (how fitting) and the original version of Wicker Man. Life is good.

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