Thursday, September 3, 2009

My little ghoul Zoey

Of course, I have a black cat. And of course, I think she's special. But that's because she is.

No really: She has this crazy habit of rearranging her toys into strangely perfect lines and triangles. She does it while I'm gone and I return home to a new episode of Unsolved Mysteries in my hallway. I swear these photos are not staged or doctored in any way! Just ask my boyfriend who is now completely freaked out.

This was the first incident. Three balls in a perfect line. The slats in the floor are especially helpful in measuring the distance. Like she knew. 

A closer up view:

Creepy, eh kids? It actually gets better.

Here is the always popular triangle configuration. About a difficulty of 10 on getting the proportions just right, but she pulled it off:

The artist and her work:


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