Monday, September 14, 2009

First '09 purchase

I have so much h'ween crap that I start each season vowing to be very picky, brutal if you will, on what I'll choose to toss on the crypt pile. I try to have objective standards but it usually winds up to be stuff that I just like. Can't really explain it any other way.

Like this:

I mean, do I really need another pez? Does anyone? But every year, I find myself hawkishly surveying the new designs like a very badly dressed Anna Wintour. And this one stole my heart.

Why? I just love how the pez people had the huevos to make it look like a real bat. It's not prettified by any stretch - in fact, it's kind of disgusting. And had it not been about 3 inches big and plastic, I doubt I'd have bought it.

But it's this very contrast that hooked me - it's like the salted caramel of pezzes. And now it'll sit in a cubbyhole of my fireplace for probably another 10 months. Huzzah!

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