Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who's hungry for a BTK?

Yes, it's in poor taste, but it's so tasty.

Last night, I made a bacon, tomato and kale sandwich and it was delightful.

On a darkening and slightly chilly autumn night, what could be better that a toasty sandwich, named after a horrendous serial killer, and a bloody good glass of wine?

First, you gotta prepare the bacon - I baked mine on a rack so that the fat could drip down:

Then, to make the tomatoes extra flavorful (esp since they're not exactly high-summer tomatoes), you gotta give them some oven time as well. Just use the same rack setup as the bacon, sprinkle with green onions, salt, pepper and olive oil:

For the kale, same treatment. Into the oven to take away some of the bitterness. On a rack sprinkled with olive oil and S&P, to give it a crunchy chip-like character, making it so much more interesting than plain jane lettuce:

And then, it's just assembly. I toasted some white bread that had some dignity to it (read: Whole Foods brand), spread it with some mustard and sriracha and added the three ingredients above. And wallah:

Yes, those are my keys.

Enjoy with your favorite Halloween special.

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