Friday, October 2, 2015

The Bedizening: Part 1

Got the mantle started, which besides being the heart of the home, I consider the heart of H'ween decoration. Click for more detail.

Underwhelmed? Geez. Let me stress: this is just the beginning. Usually I wait until the last week and then I half-ass it because it seems like such a waste for only a week or a few days. This year: I'm going nuts.

So I've decided I'm a lights person, but not an electric lights one. Too much strain on the outlets, too many unsightly wires. Fortunately, Target understands my needs and I invested in a few battery powered spook lights.

A few details I thought I'd point out. My skull collection, sugar and otherwise. And my happy little Frankenlady, courtesy of this Etsy shop. Yes, now that you ask, these are year-round decorations.

Here's the birds. Birds are pretty things that have the capacity to be creepy, if they want. That's what makes them so dope. 

The raven skeleton is new this year and a little disturbing for some reason I can't say. The bat was a vintage find in the Haight and is also a candleholder. Plus it's wrought iron and could stun a wily coyote, if needed. The stuffed owl is a year-rounder dressed up seasonal in his new fox mask. Hey, everyone has their secret identity.

So there's part 1. Stay tuned for more.

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