Sunday, October 4, 2015

Random creepiness

Now that it's this time of year, I really look for the small things. That plastic pumpkin in the window of the apartment across parking lot that you just make out, a lone strand of spider webbing that got stuck to a shrub, storefronts that have no reason to decorate their windows with H'weenery, but, for some awesome reason, do. Like eyeglass places, law offices and fancy jewelers. It's baffling but so charming.

So let's wrap up the week with a few of these moments that I've already encountered so early in the season.

Do you guys see the witch turned away from us in this Castro neighborhood complex? I did and it was neat.

My brother came to town during the hot season, so I made margaritas. Of course, I had to add a little H'weenery.

So this is weird. I love stopping by the Mission Dolores cemetery because I'm that sort of person. (Your sort, if you're reading this.) And I swear I followed that chain link fence in the alley down a million times before I had the idea to turn around and look behind me. This is what is saw:

H'ween displays in stores just make me happy. So I'm the weirdo snapping pics in your local food and drug.

That's all for tonight - sleep well and mwhahahaha! 

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