Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monster slots

So Vegas was a little bereft of the h'ween spirit this weekend (boo) but I did find a little corner of murk in the casino - Monster Slots, featuring the Universal faves!

This small sampling of frights in Vegas got me thinking: how come no one has built a haunted house casino yet? I mean, there's like every theme in the book - even the craptastic Planet Hollywood is a casino now. Why not a mouldering old mansion, where the staff are dressed like spooky butlers, resident ghosts, possessed children, crazed writers. Instead of animated Roman gods, pirate battles or water shows, every hour some creepy crawly could jump out of the darkness to scare the tourists. Think of it: holographic mirrors around every corner, the smell of burning leaves, coffin double beds, a groaning, moaning a/c system. It could be big, people!

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