Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello, Octo2014!

How happy am I that October is here? I got crafty (in both senses) and made plans.

Perhaps I overplanned, (click to see enlarged version) but what? It's all fun stuff - getting pumpkins and carving them up, making tiny mummies of everything that sits on my mantle, buying creepy stuff to add to the crypt of h'weenery in my garage and watching way, way too much spooky TV.

But the real point of the season isn't yet another to-do list. It's all about opening yourself up to the eerie, mysterious, even darker aspects of the everyday. That time you thought you saw a psycho clown in the supermarket. That howling sound the wind makes as it rushes down the chimney. That day when the sunlight shifted and you knew summer was over. That moment when the usual falls away and gives you chills and tells you there's more to life.

And then there's the wax lips. Enjoy!


  1. Yes! Finally someone else who makes detailed Halloween plans like me!