Friday, September 30, 2016

It's here! It's really here!

Ready, set, grrr, arggggh!

How happy am I that it's finally ok to walk down the street with fake blood all over your person, eat crazy amounts of bat-shaped candy, and come home to a dvr filled with scary treats? In a word: Totes. 

But even before I dust off the wax fangs, I make my yearly plan. The trick is avoid the tyranny of another dreary to-do list. You've gotta mix some easy stuff and a few breaks in there with the high-effort items. This year, I think I nailed it. If I do say. (Please click for an enlarged view.)

And when I say "nailed it", I mean the content and flow, not so much the artwork and design. But hey, it's that rough hewn, naive look that you can't get just anywhere. It takes a special woman-child Frankenstein combo to dish this up. 

Anyway, not pictured here are the other stuff in the routine that make this month great:
-Breezing through Walgreen's, Halloween stores, supermarkets and other establishments to check out their spooky wares on a daily basis
-My weekday rewatching of a Buffy episode, with lunch 
-Weekly viewings of Scream Queens, American Horror Story, Food Network, et al
-Perusing my neighborhood and others in search of awesome house haunts
-Halloween specials of regular shows, which, of course, is probably how my obsession began
-Crunchy leaves
-Caramel anything
-Foiling that old sea captain's plans for world domination

Happy H'ween season! We made it. Congratulations. 

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