Monday, October 17, 2011

H'ween homework

As Wolfy looks on....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

H’ween to do list

It seems like it takes forever for h’ween season to get here and then like the best candy in the bowl – poof – it’s gone. Since we’ve only got 2 weeks and change left, I thought I’d get all organizized and make a list of all the stuff I’ve yet to squeeze in.
-Decorate house (yes, i’m that off-schedule). Also: find the mostly destroyed Hallmark haunted house you see below that my family put on the coffee table and inspired my life of creepitude.

-Shop Target. I went early but seemed to have screwed the pooch. In other words, Target was a tad late this year. I went on Sep 13 for the Missoni madness and there was not a single fang in place.
-Get pumpkins and place on mantle where they will slowly rot for a year.
-Watch waaayyy too many horror movies. Bad ones, good ones, and the ever-more elusive ones I haven’t seen before.   
-Have trick-or-treat candy and booze pairing party. Inspired by a chance combination of Maker’s Mark and $100 Grand bars. Who knew?
-Cook a pumpkin or squash-like substance, even if I don’t eat it.
-Go to Belvedere St. here in SF on h’ween.
-Complete my and the Man’s costumes to kick-assedness.
-Scour the neighborhoods for good house haunts. There’s an especially elaborate one in Ashbury Heights. I love rich people who choose to spend their money correctly.
-Get a Chanel Vamp mani-pedi.
-Watch as many terrible, maudlin h’ween tv specials as possible.
-And, as always, foil the plans of that old sea captain at the abandoned shipyard.
I know I’m forgetting a crapload but this’ll do for now.